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Peeing, hippo?

August 31
Peeing Hippo

Peeing Hippo

PhotoHunt: Symbolic

August 27
PhotoHunt: Symbolic

When we went out west, we visited an older women that had a range. This was her symbol she placed on the cattle.


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3x Thurs­day – What Job. . .

August 25

3x Thurs­day – What Job. . .

1. What job would you like to do the most (pay doesn’t matter)? Web design. I love everything about it.

2. What job would you *not* like to do the most? Trash man, flip burgers. . .anything besides the above job.

3. What job would you like to try? Something in the business world. I love numbers. . . 🙂

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August 24

Friendship! Carrie & Me

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August 23
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