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Something that makes you sad #photoadayApril

Something that makes you sad: Photo A Day Challenge (That my Possum has been disappered now for two months and I still expect him to show up. I keep expecting him to come running at me. I miss that dog so much.)

Circle #photoadayApril

Circle: Photo A Day Challenge (A picture of our wedding rings. . .the circle that can’t be broken. :love: )

1pm #photoadayApril

1pm: Photo A Day Challenge

Somewhere you went #photoadayApril

Somewhere you went: Photo A Day Challenge (Roswell, NM. A fun and amazing trip. A time in my life that won’t be forgotten.)

WHY, WHY. . .because it’s me. . .

Here I am again blogging on Evernote because my blog won’t load. All my other sites load, so I know it’s not my server. It’s an issue on my end. I have done everything I can think of but it’s really starting to get old. We pay extra to have faster internet and half the […]