Creepy Kitty

I haven’t done much of anything today, I went to a funeral today. Very sad….my dad cried. It was his best friend’s dad. I knew the guy that passed away. He was such a great guy.

Anyway, on to a lighter note, I got a new hostee. His name is Dave. *waves @ him* (nice guy that, Dave) He has already moved in and we have talked some, very nice person to chat with.

Kitten is over here talking about how bad she wants a cat. I told her I promise to buy her one.

Oh, Jenni you asked who taped me down, it was Candice, Jenny and Sarah. It was funny. We had went on a band trip kind of thing. It was great!!

Around 6:30pm Lizzy-Bell calls me and she wants me to come over to talk. So, around 7:15 we left my house and I came home around 9:28pm I think. Well, I had fun. We talked about all kinds of shit. We made cookies too!!!! I love cookies. =)

Have fun and don’t forget to say Hi to all the creepy kitties out there!!!