Trying Stay Cool

OMG, I am still kind of pissed but I’m trying to stay cool about the whole thing. Adrienne, I would LOVE for you to kick the little bitches ass!! It would be funny because I know you could. : ) That would be great!!

I got my new computer Saturday. Its so nice. I’m not using it yet. I haven’t got use to linux.

Spring break is over. School starts back tomorrow. Noir is coming home with me this week sometime after school and spending the night to show me what I need to know.

: ) I can’t wait. The computer is pretty. Nice in black. I think that black computers are prettier then the white ones. *does the happy Nikki dance* lmao

Nikki called me today. God, I miss talking to that chick. We talked until her phone died. =) I’m trying to get her to come and visit…so she can NEVER leave!!! LMAO

Still looking for link exchanges. Email me!!