Big Slacker

June 18

I’m such a slacker. I was off Friday and Saturday. We spend the night at my parents house both nights. I’m suppose to be at work at 5pm. :faint: I don’t want to go but I know I have too. I was going to work around the house but the idea of seeing my mom and dad was such a better idea.

I plan on catching up on comments and reading blogs when I get home tonight from work. I want to cook first, then computer time. That’s if Keith doesn’t drag me in to watching a movie like always. 🙂

Well, I better go get something to eat.

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  1. Cammie – Jun 19, 2006 at 03:47

    I need your coding genius woman! I installed a new plugin but it is making the sidebar screwy on those pages and I have no clue how to fix it 👿

  2. Amanda – Jun 23, 2006 at 23:53

    I wouldn’t say you were slacking off, I’d call it more like…taking well deserved time off. As long as you didn’t put anything major off, like…sleeping (LOL) then I’d say you’re OK.

  3. Munin – Jun 24, 2006 at 04:56

    It’s not slacking off at all! Taking a break from stressful things to spend time with loved ones is hardly slacking! I envy you have chances to do nice things like that.

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