Hey, Stalker Cunts :)

Hello all, on May 2nd 2009 I had a nice blog entry titled “Hey, Stalker Cunt 🙂” from Marie (Greg’s new girlfriend, after a month new fiance). Whatever, can’t judge for that one. I married the stupid SOB but different story, different blog entry. But on with this story, this blog entry.

After I read the entry there was a big “twitter war”. Which was totally silly. On both parts. I got called “Stalker” because I read the entry wrote for me. After the “twitter war” was over that night. I hadn’t said anything else. I hadn’t wrote anything else. I haven’t even visited anything to do with them. I could careless really.

Then I check my web site stats. Funny thing with a domain, it logs all IPs going in and that stays on the site. Well, wouldn’t you know I have two IPs for the locations of Greg and Marie are at. Silly me for being the “stalker”. Let me tell you, they are like herpes. They just don’t go away. You think your not going to have an out break, then wham, there they are. Which the only reason I can guess they would be checking my site is for my twitter updates since my twitter is protected. Do so for this reason. To have proof I’m not “stalking” anyone. I’ve been very good.

And far as anything else goes. I’m not fighting about this either. Have no reason too. Just wanted to get it out in the open. I find it totally funny. She says it’s because I can’t let go of Greg. 😆 I don’t want him. If I wanted him, I wouldn’t it be smart to be trying to sweet talk him; not fight him. I’m not doing anything.

Good night all. I need to be heading to bed. I’m going on a field trip with Meadow tomorrow. . .well, today. 🙂