Maybe to happy

April 18

I hate people that only post about happy things in their blog. I know it’s their blog but no one is that happy all the time, no matter what. Life isn’t perfect and I know life is hard. But I can’t stand to read a blog that is happy all the time. Just like people, I can’t stand to be around people that act happy all the time. It’s not natural. It’s not healthy.

/end rant

Anyways, the cave tour went great even if I was sick. I woke up with a fever of about 103 degrees, almost 104. Turns out I had Strep throat. I got a Z pack which is a 7 days wroth of antibiotic. I started them Friday afternoon. By Saturday I felt a little better. Not where I should be but enough we went a head and did the cave tour. It was nice to go out with the family. We went to Long John’s and ate. So nice to get real food in me. I didn’t eat one bit of real food Friday. Jello and ice cream for me.

Today I am taking Meadow to the Mall / Wal-Mart / Deals and anywhere else that baby wants to go for her birthday. She turns 10 tomorrow. She spent the night with me last night. She mainly played dress up games on the computer. And watch TV. After we get back from Bowling Green, we are going up to mom’s to eat and have cake. :yay cake:

On an even brighter note, Cody comes home in 18 days! Okay, I must go get out of my pjs and in to real clothes. We are heading out soon. Meadow is in the shower now.

Whatever, I do

April 14

. . .what I want. . . Anyway, I have made a new layout since the last time I have blogged. I changed a few things around on the pages. I really like the colors of this layout. I have titled it “Spring”. I am sure there might be some errors, if so, please comment and let me know. I think I have double checked everything. But I have been known to forget something from time to time.

I haven’t blogged in forever since I haven’t really had anything to blog about. I have got in to a routine to do the same thing each day. Which is nice because once May comes along, it is going to be crazy until July. πŸ™‚ I like the fact I have some kind of routine. I can’t wait for Cody to be home so we can get in our daily life routine back on track. As normal and routine as an army life can be.

Far as the puppy I talked about in my last entry, someone came and got him after four days of having him. Which worked out because we really didn’t need a dog right now anyway, we have so much to do in May and June and it isn’t fair to us or the dog to get another animal which would need to be trained. And we wouldn’t be here, it would be left to my parents to take care of while we was away. Just to much right now. I think later on, a dog could be in our future but right now, not so much.

If anyone has has been reading my twitter I have bought the kit to fix my cracked iPhone 3G screen. I think I can do this, I believe I will take pictures of my steps. I can do just about anything once I get an idea in my head. Fixing a phone, can’t be that hard. I have found tons of step by step tutorials and Youtube videos. It looks pretty straight forward and nothing that I don’t think I can handle. And right now I can’t use it anyway due to the cracks so, if I mess it up, I’m not really losing anything. I hope I can. I miss having a smartphone.

Also, this weekend, my family and I are going on a cave tour of Mammoth Cave. I am looking so forward to it, expect pictures of everything this weekend. πŸ™‚ Other than that, I guess everything else has been the same.

The prefect dress

April 1

I went to a little dress shop in my home town and tried on some dresses today after I got off work. And I found one. It is so pretty. I feel like a holiday Barbie. It isn’t like the dress I picked out online but I was kind of hoping to find one close to home so I could try it on. If I order online I have to hope it fits. It fits so nice. I am in love all over again. <3

Also, we kind of have a new addition to our little family. My road I live on is known to throw animals out of. Which is terribly sad but it happens in the real world of living in such a small town they down even have an animal shelter. People normally place unwanted dogs and cats out. Well, I have been known to feed the cats. They are great when you live with a field behind your home. πŸ™‚ Someone dropped out a pitbull puppy most likely from the age 4 – 6 months old. He is starved half to death. He is nothing but skin and bones. I wish I was making that part up but I’m not. He looks terrible but I am going to get his weight back on. *cross fingers*

I talk to Cody about it tonight. He says he likes the idea of having a bigger dog around the house to kind of protect me when he is gone. Which when I was a kid we had a pitbull and he was amazing. He never tried to bit or anything. This puppy has been pretty amazing so far. He hasn’t once tried to chase the cats inside nor has he tried to bit or snip at them. He didn’t try to bit when I took food from him and he was pretty hungry. I was talking to Cammie about it and she says I have a keeper. I think so too. He is a sweet puppy. Thinks he is the size of the cats still. Super cute.

Besides that, I did book our hotel for our honeymoon. 5 nights in Smoky Mountains. I can’t wait. I have so much for use to do, like never leave our room. But really, I mean, we might leave it for food. . . XD I can’t wait. Eeee!

One of the best parts of getting married. “Muh” Cammie is coming down to be my maid of honor! :yay:

Life suddenly

March 28

I have been aiming to update. Well, update with a real update, not quotes or site updates.

My life seems to be pushing on very quickly. This year has been such a big year. Let me take that back. Since August of 2009 has been a big life changing events. Cody and I got back together in September of 2008. After a few months of being broken up. Before that we was together for around a year. Since September of 2008 we have been fighting a battle called a normal relationship. Close to the one year mark of being back together we decided to move back in together. Which has been amazing this time around.

During this big move together we also decided to go from renting to buying. Which we only bought a small two bedroom trailer. It’s still a big deal. We also during this time was preparing for him to go from normal college guy to a solider. I dropped him off to leave for basic training January 4th 2010. After 10 weeks of him being gone I finally seen him on March 18th. I still didn’t get to bring him home but that’s okay. He gets done with AIT on May 7th. At that time he comes home.Which will be amazing.

Did I mention also, he asked me to marry him while he was away at basic. So, not only is he coming home on the 7th. We are getting married May 22nd. We had set the date for June before but with the idea of him maybe getting deployed scaring us we went ahead and wanted to get married. It wasn’t moving it up that much. Just less time to prepare.

When he does get home, we have to go a head and get everything for the wedding. Book our hotel. We have decided on Gatlinburg, TN for our honeymoon since we our only about 5 hours away. πŸ™‚ I am so happy about it all. My life has finally started to come back together.

It still makes me smile thinking about everything. I am not staying that everything is perfect because it isn’t but at least I’m happy. I’m happy with the imperfections. I am happy with all of it. I couldn’t have got to this moment without some heartache and pain. But ask me if I would do it all again, I say yes. I would do it all again in a heart beat. I love him and wouldn’t trade any of it for anything. Everything happens for a reason. It’s so cheesy but true.

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Changed over

March 24

I am still changing things over. This is just a simple layout until I can come up with something more awesome. All pages are not up. I am still working on an archives page. I am looking for some help if anyone wants to send some links my way. πŸ™‚ I have some more plug-ins to install.

Also, I will have some entries that are private. To read those, you will have to register as a member. Will post a link soon enough.

I want to write more but I am not in the mood.