Today is my mom’s birthday. I am making her a cake right now. Then I am going to take it up to her house to eat it. Nom, nom, nom!! XD

Then a week from today is Caroline’s birthday. Crazy-ness. I bring Caroline and her friend to my house Friday. I can not believe she is going to 12 this year. I feels like last week she was born. Which makes me feel old, which is even more weird because I’m not even 25 yet.

Next year I am going to cry. She will be a teenager. I am not looking forward to that one. Matter of fact, I wish it wouldn’t come for another few years but this is life. It happens, whether we want it to or not.

It is almost time for me to get my cakes out of the oven. 😀 I love cooking.

Working project

I am working on a new domain for a photo blog. I am trying to make it super awesome like Hannah‘s photo blog. I am picking out a color palettes now. Then to make the layout. I like the fact I am working with WP. Easier to work with since I am use to it.

I got to talk to Cody a few times today. A total of at least 40 minutes. Which was amazing. I get to see him in just a little over a week and a half. OMG! Awesome! XD I can not wait. I get to hold my baby for the first time since forever. . .well, it’s been a little over three months but it feels like forever.

I have such a headache today. I have taken a few things for it but nothing seems to work. Oh, well. I most likely will have to sleep it off.

If I didn’t

Have bad luck I wouldn’t have any luck at all. I swear by this. I never have good luck. This morning before work I found another leak in my bathroom pipes under the trailer. OMG! For real, how unlucky can I be. They didn’t freeze they just broke. WTF?

I only worked a half day today so I could get home to help my dad. Dad was already done by the time I got done. Tomorrow I might have water. As long as it isn’t nine days again I think I will be okay.

And now a winter storm is suppose to hit tomorrow. I am picking up my other four hours I missed of work tomorrow. So, I hope it doesn’t hit until after I get home. Mom and I went to the store today. Got some food, snacks and bottled water. I am so mad I had to buy water. I already pay a water bill. It sucks but I do need drinking water.

Dad came over last night for a couple of hours. We sat around listening to old music and me putting that said music on his MP3 player. Always fun.