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I have been doing fairly well besides the tooth I broke off last week. First day of work last week, I was eating at Wendy’s before I went in and one of my back molar just broke. It has had a filling in it and that filling has been redone and still having trouble out […]

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I finally got a job. I am so happy. I got a job at Krystal as a morning manger. I will be making $9.50 an hour and it’s part time which works out great. And yesterday I had my LEEP done. I am in some pain but over all it isn’t to bad. On the […]

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Monday I found out I have cervical dysplasia, which if you don’t know is pre-cancerous cells on my cervix. Which means, if I don’t get it taken care of it will turn in to cancer. I’m scared to death. I haven’t told but a handful of people, my family, Kyle’s family and my bestie. I […]

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