September 22

I have been aiming to blog forever. I have no real reason why I haven’t done so sooner. I have had time, I have had subjects I wanted to talk about, and so forth and so on but truly, I haven’t because I couldn’t muster the energy to do it.

The last few months have been very trying physically, mentally, and emotionally. I have started my depression medications back which has helped a little bit but a lot of it really is just pushing myself forward. Trying not to step backwards in this battle.

I twittered a while back saying “Depression is such a hard fight. I feel like I am fighting a battle I will never win.” and I feel that way 99% most of the time because of the fact as soon as I think it is getting better, it kicks me down again.

I feel so overwhelmed due to the fact, I am a full time college student now (by the way, I am very happy and proud of), a home owner (which means no land lord to call if something goes wrong), working part-time (sometimes closer to full time) and trying to have a social life. . .well, kind of a social life. The closest to one as I want to get at this moment in time. That’s a lot on my plate right now for one single person. I don’t have someone to share my stress with or help me with the things I need to get done or to even share anything with. I’m doing it alone.

I have been very lucky that my father and one of his friends has been doing the major things that need to be done outside to my home. Like building me a new front deck and they fixed my back one. We have the whole outside cleaned up. And random fact: I totally found a stop sign under my trailer. How awesome!?! 😀

Anyway, I do have more I want to write but I am lost for words at the moment. I am working on a new layout finally. I will be getting my new laptop either tonight or tomorrow. I am selling my 15.6″ laptop and getting a netbook since I have a desktop too.

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I guess I just summed it up

July 27

I am not dead. Promise.

I have been busying doing nothing. . .hints no blogs. 😀

I am leaving for a mini-vacation tomorrow morning with the family. We are going to Holiday World for two days then the last day we are going to the Zoo and the Slugger Museum. Looking forward to being with my family.

Last week my AC went out, I had one wisdom tooth pulled and one filling redone. This past Friday I had my other wisdom tooth pulled and one filling done. All my dental work is done for a while.

My parents had a small window unit to that I could use. So, now Mr. Kitty and I are living out of my bedroom. I guess it could be worse. lol

Also, my job at the county clerk office is coming to a end. Ran out of money. But I do have a job interview today for one of the departments at WKU. 😀 Looking forward to it.

I also start school on August 16th. I almost have everything ready. All I lack is a backpack. Going to get it at the book store when I go get my books.

That has been my month summed up for you. Enjoy leave comments. I promise to comment back. Much love

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