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We aren’t moving after all

May 30

We decided not to move after all. 😐 I am not happy about it but it really is the best for right now. I love the idea of moving and getting more space but it just isn’t possible right now. We are going to wait a few more months before we move. Save up so money :money: and so on.

Keith is going to talk to our current land lord about keeping Cookie here. I want to so bad. Keith said he would offer more money for our rent if we could keep her here. He said he would add up to $30 on to our rent. I can’t believe he would do that for me. Keith loves me so much. :hearts: And I love him so much.

I plan on putting up a new layout soon and editing some of my pages. The way they look and so on. Well, I better get off to working on it. I don’t have that long before I have to be up. I am getting up around 8:30am or so. Yeah, I am going to be so tired. :yawn: But since Keith has been off work I haven’t been able to really work on my site or anything else for that matter. That is why I am doing it at night.

We found a place with a pool

May 26

We found a place today. We went looking for apartments and we found the perfect place. I kid you not. P-E-R-F-E-C-T! :hearts: I’m in love. I hope we can stay there for a while. The place is a set of apartment buildings and we would be in a top apartment. They allow pets which means our hammies, mice and my dog can come live with us. I can’t believe it. I am so happy. Cookie is getting older and I don’t know how much longer she will be around. Which makes me sad but to know she can spend her final days with me makes me very happy because I know she will have a very good life. :looksleft:

The apartment we would be getting is two bedroom with a dining room, living room, kitchen, one bath, washer and dryer hook up in the apartment, four closets and a storage room that is bigger enough for my own office (5’x8′). The room that is going to be my office is kind of small but that’s okay because at least my computer won’t be in the living room now. That means I can code or work with out having to ask Keith to go to another room. I hate to do that because we only have one TV :tv: right now. Also, the apartment building has a pool for everyone to use. A really nice pool. I will take pictures of the place as soon as I can. I also have a floor plan of the place I will scan tomorrow and place up. The apartment is around 900 square feet. Which I think now we only have 600 at the most. I know that when I walked in I knew we could sit our apartment now in the one we are moving in too. WOW! :cute: *jumps for joy* I think everything is going to work out. The money is going to be tight but I think we can do it. :money:

We are going to H & R Block tomorrow and they better do our taxes right this time. I am still 👿 mad about how they did them last time. They better not make us pay again because by god we are NOT! It’s stupid to make us pay for something when we shouldn’t have to. DAMN! They are the ones that missed up OUR taxes. :grr:

Well, I promised Keith I would go to bed soon, so I need to hurry up and get off here. :yawn: I am kind of sleepy.

Quick post.

May 25

We are going to go look at some apartments today since he is off work. Wish us luck. *crosses fingers* 😉

He is wanting to go. WOW. This is a short post. I thought it would be longer then this but I guess not. Damn!

BTW, Nathan decided not to move in with us. He has a buddy that has a house already paid for and all he would have to do is help pay on utilities. So, that is the smart plan for him. I’m glad for him but either way Keith and I want a bigger place.

Well, I’m off. I need to get something to eat real fast and we are off.

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This bugs me.

May 24

I went to order a catalog from Adam and Eve and I couldn’t because of where I live. I will put what the web site posted when I tried to received my free catalog.

The address you have entered as your Catalog Mailing Address is located in a restricted area.

At this time, we are unable to send any XXX books, magazines or videos to KENTUCKY. Your statewide community has been considered sexually conservative and our lawyers have advised us against it. Keep in mind that this is not a matter of legislation and that both the billing and shipping addresses must be in a non-conservative area.

WTF? That bothers me. I mean, I am 19 years old (20 in Nov.) I can walk in to any porn shop I want and buy anything I want but to get a catalog in my own home to look at. NO! That’s out of the question. :grr: That pisses me off. It makes no since. Does that mean I can’t order from there as well. If so, fine. I won’t. Damn place.

You did what, to who, for how many cookies?

May 23

Guess who now has a fanlisting for her? PICK ME!! Rainbow Fanlisting Are you fan? If so, you should go join. Make me feel loved. *giggles* 😀

We went to Keith’s parents house Saturday night and stayed the night and got up and went to my parents house for a grill out Sunday. We had fun. We just hung out and talked with both sides of the family.

Nothing much else to report. Just tired. :yawn: I went to bed with Keith last night around 8pm or so. I got up around 1:45am to cook him breakfast and fix his lunch for him. I plan on staying up for a few hours. I need to call about some apartments and houses and I need to pick up the living room some and finish washing all the clothes. :yuck:

We plan on moving with in the next month or so. Hints the reason why I am going to call about some apartments and houses today. We looked in the paper and found a few that might work. We are looking for a 3 bedroom because his brother is going to be moving in with us and we need more space anyway. Nathan’s graduation is May 27 I believe. Which means, I have been out of school for one year now. WOW! It doesn’t seem that long.

For once the weather was very nice this weekend. :sun: I so enjoyed having the sun shine down and being about to sit in the sun and feel good. :looksleft: I love pretty weather. I think everyone does.

Thank you for every ones suggests about what I should do about my period. I am going to call the Health Department today and try to get appointment for this week. I am going to ask to be put on the shot I think. I am going to talk to them about all birth control but I want something that I don’t have to worry about and is easy. I hate thinking about getting a shot often but if that means I will feel better and my heath will improve that I am all about it.

I have been off birth control since October and I think it is finally taken its toll on me. I have been getting heavier and heavier and I am starting to get weaker and weaker. I think getting on birth control again will really help that. I need to be on it anyway but didn’t start taking it back after I had the miscarriage.