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Short but sweet

December 18

I start work January 6th. I can’t wait! Eeee! πŸ˜€ Besides that. I’m tired.

I still need to move three more domains. I just can’t bring myself to do it due to so many databases!

If you are needing a host. Leave a comment. I will get back with you.

My hands are cold. πŸ™ And I’m out!

Oh, reseller. . .

December 16

I have been buying a reseller hosting account for sometime. Mainly because I have way to many domains not to. It’s truly cheaper on me. But when I started I didn’t have but a couple domains so I made each an account placed them on a package and so on. But the last couple of days I have been thinking. . .Why not move over everything to the hosting domain. And just park everything. No need to worry about each one’s bandwidth or package size.

Another thing I was thinking was maybe ofter free hosting. If you have your own domain. . .I know they are so many out there. Not sure yet on that one. But anyway. If you see any errors this is why.

Everything is being moved around.

Only have three, maybe 3 more domains to move. But so many databases that are not lining up. So, it is taking more time then normal. Hope to have it working soon enough. πŸ˜€

Chyrp, what to do with you?

December 14

I have talked about so many times before how much I really really like Chyrp. It’s simple, fast. Easy to include content. Easy to write pages. You can even edit blog entries right from the entry itself. A very nice feature. I can add anything from a quote, chat, link, photo or page with so much easy. It is so close to Tumblr. It is kind of scary but it an awesome good way. Since Tumblr is so slow.

But I have a hidden hate for Chyrp. The only reason if I do change would be this one thing. So simple. See Chyrp uses PHP and Twig to write their code. I hear this is to make it more secure. Which is most likely the case. But since this is the case. I can’t seem to include any php scripts into it. Which makes it hard for me as a personal web site owner.

I would like to use Rose’s simple blogroll script. This being said, I would love to use Jem’s Bellabuzz and maybe her Bellabook. I would also, like to use Hannah’s Domainish. Which all are awesome scripts that could really make my site start to come together a little more. Simple things I like and what.

I keep trying to talk and ask questions on Chyrp’s Support forums. They don’t really have the answers I need. And I don’t have enough PHP knowledge yet to know where to even start. They have a mode for Chyrp called Snippets. Which is suppose to allow you to add a very simple PHP file into a page or the theme. I don’t have any php that is simple enough to even use this feature.

I feel so lost about this. I love Chyrp. I would use Habari but I can only find a WP uploader and I can’t seem to get my Chyrp entries ported over. I would even settle for a RSS porter for Habari. I don’t mind re-tagging everything but I will not copy and paste all these entries over. Done that once before with WP. Not again. . .to much work. And I be damned if I am going to start over.

Cloudy. . .

December 4

I am so tired. I haven’t felt good all day. I think I am coming down with a cold. NOOO! I think I am going to fix me a bit to eat and see if that makes me feel any better. Waiting on Cody and Dustan to get here from school. When they get home, I’m heading to my moms to watch Cloudy with a chance of meatballs with my family. I got it burned on DVD. πŸ™‚ OMG I can’t wait. Going to be great my the kids.

I need to finish laundry and making the bed. That is about it. Everything else is done. Which is awesome on my part.

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CMS / blog systems

December 1

I have been trying out some great blog systems lately trying to find the right one. I wanted to find a great CMS for me that would be easy to custom and easy to write pages/entries. I want little features because I don’t use them. I wanted some basic features, such as theme switching in admin, gravatar and tags/categories. The list goes:

Chyrp: Which I am using now. I love. It is tumblr style blogging system. I like it because it is so simple and does what I want. Easy to design.

Frog: Is a simple blogging system that kind of reminds me of Chyrp with a little less features. If you want to post entries and pages. Then you might like it but it didn’t seem easy enough for me to style.

Pixie: Yet another simple blogging system. Was a little easier to work with then frog but still hard to style. Maybe if I had played with a little longer I would have liked it.

WordPress: Everyone has used WP that has had a blog. I would use it for a client because it is so easy. I think WP tag line should be: “So easy even a cave man can do it!”. I’m not hating on WP users. I used it for years. Before that it’s little brother B2. WP has tons of features. Maybe to many for me. So, WP is for anyone that has access to a host. lol

ExpressionEngine: Seems as if it has tons of features but to many. I do like simple and felt heavy like WP. Great system to try.

Habari: I really like the simple but I won’t use it do to I can’t import my Chryp entries. It only has an importer for WP. Which is great if you have had a WP but not even a RSS importer. So sad. Great system.

Textpattern: Is another great system. Had a lot of features but maybe to many again. I liked it but styling was a bit more then I wanted.

I had tried out more but I had already deleted them so I can’t really post about them. Since I can’t even remember which ones I had played with at this point after so many.

So, in the end I have decided to stick with Chyrp. πŸ™‚ Simple, light weight, and easy to style. Over all a great system and can’t wait for more features to come or get updated.

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