8Oct   New York

I am going to fly tomorrow for the first time ever in my life. I am going to New York to visit my friend. She came down here in May. I am so excited. 😀 I can not wait. I am scared too. I will be gone from Saturday to Saturday.

Wish me luck. I will post about the trip during or after I get back. Much love.

1Apr   The prefect dress

I went to a little dress shop in my home town and tried on some dresses today after I got off work. And I found one. It is so pretty. I feel like a holiday Barbie. It isn’t like the dress I picked out online but I was kind of hoping to find one close to home so I could try it on. If I order online I have to hope it fits. It fits so nice. I am in love all over again. <3

Also, we kind of have a new addition to our little family. My road I live on is known to throw animals out of. Which is terribly sad but it happens in the real world of living in such a small town they down even have an animal shelter. People normally place unwanted dogs and cats out. Well, I have been known to feed the cats. They are great when you live with a field behind your home. 🙂 Someone dropped out a pitbull puppy most likely from the age 4 – 6 months old. He is starved half to death. He is nothing but skin and bones. I wish I was making that part up but I’m not. He looks terrible but I am going to get his weight back on. *cross fingers*

I talk to Cody about it tonight. He says he likes the idea of having a bigger dog around the house to kind of protect me when he is gone. Which when I was a kid we had a pitbull and he was amazing. He never tried to bit or anything. This puppy has been pretty amazing so far. He hasn’t once tried to chase the cats inside nor has he tried to bit or snip at them. He didn’t try to bit when I took food from him and he was pretty hungry. I was talking to Cammie about it and she says I have a keeper. I think so too. He is a sweet puppy. Thinks he is the size of the cats still. Super cute.

Besides that, I did book our hotel for our honeymoon. 5 nights in Smoky Mountains. I can’t wait. I have so much for use to do, like never leave our room. But really, I mean, we might leave it for food. . . XD I can’t wait. Eeee!

One of the best parts of getting married. “Muh” Cammie is coming down to be my maid of honor! :yay:

2Mar   Been forever

I haven’t posted in forever mainly because I had nothing to post about. Simply that. I lead a very boring life from time to time.

As of midnight tonight I will have only 15 days until I see my honey bunny. Which means, he will be done with basic training and then he will have 7 weeks of AIT. Which isn’t bad.