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Band work & Breaking up for good

June 23

“Optimist or Pessimist? Do you call traffic signals go-lights?” — Unknown

I haven’t wrote in my blog like forever….I really should do it more often then I do but I have a small life….kind of.

Right now, I’m talking to Chase, Candice, and Jenni and Nikki just had to go about 10 mins. ago. She had to leave for work. =)

Kitten and I broke up….I believe that it was for the best….I know it hurts and all for the both of us. But I believe that everything happens for a reason and I believe that this is just like that too.

I am working on a new layout….well, trying to find images to make a new layout…’s going to be a Boys Don’t Cry layout if I can find the right images to make it with. =)

I went to the band room today and helped clean. It was hard work but hey I helped. =)

I’m off.

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June 22

“To some its a six-pack, to me it’s a Support Group.” — Anonymous

Well, I haven’t updated it a few days. I have been busy.

First, I was say to Gwen, my local mall is about 45 minutes. away from my house. I just say it’s local. LOL

I have been downloading music. I burned 2 or 3 CDs today. One for Christina and a couple just for me. I still have to burn one for my mom. But I have to download a couple more songs for her first.

I’m checking email right now…..last night Hotmail wouldn’t let me log in….it wouldn’t even load. I was like WTF?

Well, my mom got the bright idea for us to go out and get KFC and eat it at one of the local parks….do a “family” thing. Well, we did and it sucked.

Anyway…..I went to Chris’s house Saturday. It was fun. I got to meet his family and got to look at lots of his baby pictures. He was so cute.

Oh, yeah….my design site is up at Kinkie Kitty Designs. It is starting to look really really good. =)

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Designs coming your way

June 17

“Shut your mouth you dirty slut / You know you want it in your butt” –D12, Purple Pills

I just put up Version 2.2 a little while ago. I REALLY REALLY love this layout. I love Queer as Folk. If you watch it you would get the little saying on the graphic. Brain and Justin has broke up and Brain changed the view but it still didn’t bring Justin back. But they are back together now! So, it’s all beans.

I was talking to my friend Kitty and I was talking about how I was going to ask her to host me for a designs site and I was just playing around about it but I wanted to open a designs site and she goes…..”How much space do you need?” I was like…..HELL yeah!! So, with in a month you should see a designs site run by me. For right now, all it will have is like free layouts and wallpapers and stuff like that. I don’t know about anything else yet.

Anyway, I was talking to Christina today and I was ranting about how some of these people that have domains and they don’t know ANYTHING about web site design….I mean, they have really shitty layouts and cheesy (sp?) like icons that don’t match anything on the site, let alone the layout they have up…..I’m thinking WTF? Why do they even have a site?

Well, I went to Cato’s today and got a new pair of pants and two new pairs of shoes. They was having a big sale.

I will be going shopping again tomorrow at the local mall because I have an eye doctor’s thing to go to at 9:00am and then another doctor’s thing to go to at 2:45pm. So, I am going to have more then enough time to shop!!! =) I <3 shopping!!

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Crazy downloading & Chris

June 15

“God is a comedian playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.” –Voltaire

And a thanks to Sheri….even if she doesn’t have a site….she still can be plugged…right!?!

First, I will answer Sheri. Honey, I haven’t been getting your emails, because if I had I would SO be emailing you back…girl, your the greatest so, why wouldn’t I write back!?!

Now, about the Faded Stars Designs….I don’t know…it would kind of be nice to have a network kind of thing here. I mean, I do have the F-S listing that I run here. I don’t know…..I will think about it. =)

I went shopping yesterday with Chris….it was so FUNNY. We left around 1 something pm and got back around 6:30 or so. He didn’t leave until 10:00pm.

I got a new fish when I went shopping yesterday. He/she is red and blue, very pretty. Herbert is it’s name……Chris said it was….so, I was like ‘okay, then….that’s it’s name’.

I got to fix his hair when we got back….it was great. I love being around him….I guess that’s why he is my best friend.

Nikki was suppose to come over today but she didn’t get too. =( I wanted her too. But she couldn’t. I will talk to her tonight on yahoo about it. I have a feeling she wanted to but couldn’t because of personal reasons.

I have to watch the girls tomorrow. What fun? RIGHT!!!

I have been downloading like crazy since last night. I have been downloading PSP brushes, fonts, and mp3s.

=) I love the net!! NOTE: If you have linked me and I didn’t know it….tell me….I will link you back

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I’m I crazy?

June 12

“Scientists say 1 out of 4 people are crazy. Check 3 of your friends, if they’re okay, you’re it.” –Bumper Sticker

Sometimes, I think that I am the crazy one of the group. lmao But really, not kidding. I do sometimes think that I’m crazy…..but that’s a different story. WAY different story.

Well, yet again I changed layouts. I know…I really should stop changing layouts. I can’t help it. I get so bored so fast. I put up a new wallpaper, added three new fan listings to the ‘Fan of…’ section, and added a new page, a past layout page to the ‘Domain’ section.

I am thinking about putting up some free layouts for people to use….some are layouts I have made and didn’t use and some are my past layouts. I don’t know if anyone would use them but I would added them if someone would want them. I think that they are good but I don’t know what everyone else thinks.

I like the new layout…..I think the lime green added color that was need to the whole layout and I think it looks good with the black. I made this today and thought ‘what the hell? why not?’ I love web sites…..=) Don’t we all love the net and are personal sites? I know I do!!

Anyway, I might be adding a new layout up to Day Dream. I know I need to add 2 members but I haven’t got around to that yet….I’m getting on it. I swear.

Dad is out fishing right now and mom has went to bed…..I am just sitting in my room with my pets (cat and dog). I really should put them out…..but they are so cute!! lol

I’m off!

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